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Women's Ministry

Our Vision:

A group of women who are living in increasing gospel rootedness and fruitfulness for Christ’s kingdom. A body of women who leverage their time together for more effective personal ministries of evangelism, hospitality, training in godliness, and the building up of Christ’s church.


Our aim as a ministry is to cultivate

Gospel Rootedness

  • Confidence and joy in the atoning work of Christ on our behalf

  • Robust life in devotion to and growing understanding of God’s Word

  • Eager living in the hope of the new heavens and new earth

  • Grace to suffer through trials well in a way that honors and testifies to the gospel of Christ

Gospel Fruitfulness

  • Evangelism and hospitality: Regular habit of pursuing others and inviting others in for the sake of

    • Sharing the hope of the gospel with unbelievers

    • Building others up into Christ

  • Training in godliness:

    • Sharing burdens and pursuing holiness together

    • Rightly applying Scripture to life’s many circumstances and conflicts

    • Seeking one another out to study and pray together

  • Building up Christ’s church:

    • Sharing practical life wisdom to strengthen one another as mothers, wives, and grandmothers, spiritual mothers, and any other role God has called us to

    • Seeking out needs in the church and fulfilling them as we are able

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