One of our goals as a church is to encourage and equip believers to know and love Jesus more, and the faith of believers is often strengthened through other gospel centered resources. Our hope with this page is to provide you with resources to build up your faith in Jesus and be able to share Him with others!

The Gospel

Have you ever wondered who Jesus is and why Christians spend so much time talking about the gospel? What does the gospel even mean? Is it even relevant for us today? Click below to learn more!


Listen or re-listen to the sermons of Rock Village Church. 


Want to grow in your faith and knowledge of God's Word? Have a desire to answer objections to Christianity? Click below for helpful articles and books and websites that are gospel centered and will help grow you in your faith!

Songs & Artists

A great benefit to the church are songs, hymns, and spiritual songs set to beautiful music. Indeed God has created music to bring Him glory, especially when the lyrics are God glorifying and Christ focused. In an effort to help you grow in your faith, we have compiled a list of artists who have written songs that are rich in theological truth and set to beautiful music.