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The Story of Rock Village Church

In the days of the First Great Awakening in the 1700s, Isaac Backus of North Middleborough started the First Baptist Church of Middleborough. He was fruitful in church ministry, but also as an evangelist in Massachusetts. As a result of his efforts, 10 people covenanted together on August 4, 1761 to form the third Baptist church in South Middleborough, known as the Third Calvinistic Baptist Church.


In 1789, the church gathering moved to a small village in South Middleborough, known at the time as Beaver Dam, and eventually renamed Rock Village. In 1880, a small group left the gathering to form an independent Congregational Church. They eventually built the building currently used for worship. After lightning struck the Third Baptist Church’s building in 1918, the Baptist and Congregational Church merged and became the Rock Village Federated Church in 1920.


The church alternated between Congregational and Baptist pastors until 1979, when Rock Village Federated Church called a young seminary student in training for gospel ministry. He led Rock Village Church to cease its relationship with the Congregational denomination. The church is no longer federated, and holds to Baptist polity and doctrine. Thankfully, this pastor held an unwavering commitment to the gospel, and the Lord blessed his ministry. After 41 years of faithful ministry, he retired, and Rock Village Church called its new pastor, who began ministering in the Fall of 2021.


Above all else, Rock Village Church seeks to proclaim and glorify Christ in the village and beyond. No matter the reasons for the increase and decrease throughout the years, and no matter the events that have happened throughout the past 260 years, Christ has built this church and will sustain this church by the power of the Spirit, as long as we hold true to what we have attained through faith in Christ, our Lord and Savior. This is our humble calling, joy, and privilege in this life: to herald the good news of Jesus to a dying world. We invite you to come worship Christ with us and play a role in building God’s Kingdom here in Rock Village!

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