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Jeremy Ervin

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Jeremy Ervin serves as our lead pastor. He grew up in Texas, as the son of a worship minister. After growing up in the church and once believing that he was saved after “praying a prayer,” God led him to repent of his self-righteousness and multitude of sins, and trust in Christ as Lord and Savior after years of doubting his salvation.

After attending Baylor University, graduating with a degree in business, and working various jobs, the Lord led him to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. As his time in seminary progressed, the Lord strengthened his call to ministry. Considering that serving the church is to serve Christ, Jeremy became convinced that serving the church in this capacity is the highest honor one can have in this world.


After seminary, the Lord led Jeremy to a pastoral internship with NETS (New England Training and Sending Center for Church Planting and Revitalization) in Vermont, and God further opened doors to serve Christ's church in New England. After two years of ministry training in Vermont, God called him to Rock Village Church in Middleborough, MA.

Jeremy is married to his lovely wife, Shela, and is blessed with two young children and a third on the way: Olivia, Benaiah, and Malachi (Oct. 2023). Jeremy loves spending time with his family, trying new foods, and going on outings to local places. He also enjoys playing the piano, playing pickup basketball and soccer, and reading history and the works of Tolkien.

Bill Kowalski

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Bill is another sinner saved by the grace of God, who has been serving faithfully at Rock Village Church for many years.

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