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Come strengthen your family together

in christ this summer

Date: Sunday, July 15

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm


   Event begins @ Rock Village Church building - 92 Miller Street

   Afternoon session @ Camp Yomechas - 375 Wareham Street

Vision For Family Camp

As Christ's followers, we have a strong vision for families living lives of worship together, and of parents instructing their children in the fear of the Lord. God has called, commanded, and uniquely positioned parents to direct their children's hearts to understand and love God for the great love he has shown us in the gospel.

With more and more godless influences and ideologies targeting our children today, it is ever more important that we equip and encourage one another to develop family culture and patterns of daily living that teach our children how marvelous, powerful, and good the Lord is. Join us for our first ever one day Family Camp!

What To Expect

Family Camp will offer parents (and grandparents, aunts/uncles) to participate in a collaborative Family Discipleship seminar. We will discuss the biblical foundation for the great responsibility given to parents, and encouragement and strategies for directing our children to embrace the love of Christ and follow after him.

Kids will enjoy a fun and interactive time involving gospel themed games, crafts, songs, and lesson. Since we are hosting this event in lieu of Vacation Bible School, consider this time a mini VBS of sorts.

Families will come together in the afternoon at Camp Yomechas to enjoy lunch (provided), reflect on vision for their families moving forward, and take advantage of outdoor activities, like a ropes course, swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, and a range of field games.

How To Register

You can register your family here at this link:

or by calling the church office 508-947-3949.

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