Rock Village Church “We proclaim Christ” Colossians 1:28

Simply put, our church’s mission is to proclaim Christ. It is our main priority and impacts everything we do. As a church we are committed to the discovery and experience of a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and to the creation of an environment in which people can grow to the fullness of Christian maturity. We seek to accomplish this through worship, caring and fellowship, Christian education and mission.

Because we believe the Bible to be the Word of God, the ministry of preaching and teaching is Biblically based, seeking to encourage the practical living of Scriptural truth. In our caring and fellowship, our desire is to demonstrate the love of Christ in our midst. The ministry of Christian Education aims to provide a strong learning experience for all ages as we supplement what is provided in the home. Through our missions ministry we seek to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our missionaries and various ministries around the world with whom we partner, as well as to be responsive to those in need.